A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Exhibition, Central London

Accelerate Innovation & Achieve Tangible Results With

Patient-Centric & Value-Driven Data & Automation Strategies In Pharma & Healthcare

Harness Data Insights, Analytics, Collection & Management & Maximise The Latest Technological Innovations In AI, ML & Automation To Create Practical, Tangible & Compliant Approaches Which Improve The Patient Experience & Boost Commercial Results

12 Pharma & Healthcare Industry Leaders Share Comprehensive & Business-Critical Insights In Just One Day!

12 Pharma & Healthcare Industry Leaders Share Comprehensive & Business-Critical Insights Which Incorporate Emerging Technologies & Innovations In AI, ML & Automation & How They Created Tailor & Effective Data Collection Strategies That Harness Big Data, Third-Party Data & Real-World Insights & Analytics To Successfully Comply With Regulations & Remain Patient Centric


Innovative & Value-Adding New Tech Innovations:

Capitalise on the latest advances in automation, tech, and digital solutions to enhance frameworks and the patient experience


Cutting-Edge Automation & Robotics:

Establish robust and refreshed data strategies fuelled by innovative automation and robotics for ultimate results


Bulletproof Data Privacy, Compliance & Governance Frameworks:

Bulletproof Data Privacy, Compliance & Governance Frameworks: Build robust strategies and demonstrate compliance with the ever-changing regulatory landscape to secure results


Intelligent & Agile AI & Machine Learning:

Drive productivity with innovative digital and automation tools, solutions and frameworks that drive productivity through data automation


Strategically Embed Big Data:

Improve analysis with data-led and performance-boosting insights with streamlined big data management processes


Data-Driven, Insight-Led Tailored Patient Experiences:

Leverage crucial insights into data and analytics to tailor data strategies more effectively and predict the next trends


Best-In-Class Data Collection, Management & Analysis:

Develop effective data collection strategies to maximise efficiencies in the collection of accurate, reliable, and actionable data


Critical Real-World Insights:

Harness RWE and RWD to boost business models with data-driven strategies and enrich understanding


Practical & Cohesive Third-Party & Supplier Strategies:

Establish assurance with suppliers to create seamless supply chain journeys that harness the latest data insights


Data & Healthcare:

Increase pharma industry-stakeholder collaboration, advance access to healthcare and address future challenges with patient-centric data strategies


  • Brand New Speaker Line-Up Featuring MSD, Boehringer Ingelheim, Novartis, AstraZeneca & Many More
  • 3 Interactive Panel Discussions
    1. AI & Machine Learning
    2. Data Insights, Trends & Analytics
    3. Data & Healthcare

Can You Help Pharma & Healthcare Companies Leverage, Manage & Analyse Data More Effectively To Drive Innovation & Results?

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